How to Descale a Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron Properly?

Read Ahead as we describe the simple step-by-step guide on How to Descale a Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron properly.

If you own any model of the Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron, At some point, you will face the Issue of descaling your steam generator Iron. The reason that happens is when steam is generated by a steam iron, it also produces limescale as a by-product. This limescale produced as a result of steaming can create drastic problems for you, including:

  • Leaving dirty marks on your clothes while ironing
  • High Probability of damaging and screwing up the steam Iron
  • Mess up your budget by purchasing a new iron.


how to descale morphy Richards steam generator iron

The Ultimate guide to descaling a Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron

When to Descale a Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron?

Descaling steam generator iron can save you money, headaches, and time when done at the right time. While most steam generator irons such as the Morphy Richards Steam generator irons have an indicator that shows you that its time to descale your Iron, One can also know about the limescale by looking inside the Water tank with a torch and checking for limescale.

The control Panel of the Morphy Richards Steam Iron has an LED indicator for Descaling. When the Iron needs descaling, the light will stay on, when you power on the Iron, showing that you must clean and descale your iron.

How to Descale a Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron? The Speed Steam Pro

Most of the new and latest stem generator irons by Morphy Richards including the Power Elite Steam Iron and The Speed Steam Pro Irons are equipped with an Auto-clean function, which descales the limescale each time 5L of water has been used inside the steam generator. If you own one of these models, it’s most likely that you’ll never run into a manual descaling of your iron.

You can learn more about the Auto-clean descaling function on page 9 of the user manual which can be found below.

Morphy Richards Speed Steam Pro Steam Generator User Manual: Click Here

But if you were to Descale your steam generator Iron Manually, Here is how to descale a Morphy Richards steam generator iron in 4 simple steps.

1. Leave your Iron to cool down

The most important thing to keep in mind while going through the descaling process is to make sure that your iron is turned off ideally for an hour and left to cool down. This is done to ensure that all the pressure inside the steam generator part is gone and the temperature of the Soleplate is reduced to the lowest.

2. Disassemble the Product:

Next, you need to disassemble the product to make it easy to lift up and turn. First, remove the Iron, Then Remove the water tank by pulling the water tank handle(11) up (shown in the figure). This handle can also be found below the water tank in some products.

Descale a Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron

3. Empty the Steam Generator:

In the 3rd step of how to descale a Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron, you need to Turn the Steam Generator Portion upside down and find the Nut which will most likely be under a silicone Flap, and undo it. Once the nut is undone, You need to take the Steam Generator to a Sink to empty all the water and limescale. Simply, turn the product upside down again once in the sink and empty all the water from the boiler.

Make sure all the water has come out of the boiler otherwise the descale light won’t turn off when you power on the iron next time.

4. Flush the System:

The next thing to do is to flush the system with clean water. It is recommended to fill the steam generator with about 100 ml of water, shake the unit and then empty it again. This will make sure that any of the loose limescale left behind also comes out and the system is flushed out. Gently twist the product around to make sure every drop of water comes out.

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5. Assemble your speed steam pro.

In the Last step, assemble the steam generator iron by replacing the nut again tightly to prevent any leaks, fixed the water tank filled with water, and turn the Iron On.

Once turned On, You’ll notice that the Desacle indicator is still on but along with that, you should hear the sound of a pump which will last for around 20 seconds. After that, the descale light will turn off and you can return back to Ironing.

Descaling Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite Iron:

Morphy Richards Steam Generator

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Last Words:

This was a simple 5-step guide on how to descale a Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron without any chemicals. If you still face any issues with your Morphy Richards Steam generator iron, you can contact the Morphy Richards Support team on the below channels:


UK: 0344 871 0944
EIRE: 1800 409 119
SPARES: 0344 873 0710



  1. Hi, it seems as if pipes are blocked, tried as suggested, but has two faults, water coming out with steam, and does not seem to take in water, obvious it does as steam comes out.
    Can I add a descaler into the tank, was given some special stuff at ideal home, but can’t find it, can you please advise.
    PS. I was a repair electrician now retired.

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