How We Test and Review Different Products

Each product we review goes through a detailed and thorough testing process on different materials. Our tests include Power, Durability, Performance, Ease of Use (this includes buttons, dials, etc), Overall Quality (is it cheaply made, or does it stand out as a superior product), and much more.

Are we Biased?

When we purchase a product of any brand, we try to remain as neutral about the brand as possible until we’ve been able to test the product on its own merits. Of course, certain products are better than others and we are cautious about them. Brand quality does tend to run through to the products after all.

However, should a smaller or newer brand come into competition with what we already know, we will absolutely welcome them and review the products fairly and equally.

We aim to serve our visitors, not the brands. And we do so in the most ethical and fair way possible.

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